Thursday, January 3, 2013


Melamine Plates Seville - Yellow

'Tis the season of new releases... or at the very least previews of the new releases. The time of year when our clever team of manufactures starts giving us pre-market sneak peaks of what is to come for the following spring.

Pantone has declared the color of the year to be Emerald, but evidently we're all a little slow on the uptake because the closest thing I've seen to emerald so far is this 'teal'...
Melamine Plate Bella - Teal

And I don't know about you, but it doesn't look very much like emerald to me, and for that matter I'm hoping it looks more 'teal' in real life, I will keep you posted as we will have an opportunity to see these new plate patterns closer to the end of the month - although, they won't be ready for shipping until mid-February!

As we begin to choose new embroidery for the spring and fall, as always, we welcome suggestions and ideas. I am sure that we will keep emerald in mind but here is to a year of new ideas and new patterns, which might or might not include Emerald! Happy New Year everyone!

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