Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spring and SNOW!!!!

For the first time this winter it is truly bitterly cold, so what are we doing?? We are going to New York tomorrow, where I am sure it will be even colder! Why, would we be this crazy you ask? Oh, because snow is an excellent inspiration for shopping for spring and summer items of course! For the first time all winter I woke up to.... you guessed it, snow!!!

Being a displaced Californian I still get very excited about that funny white stuff that falls from the sky and makes the world a beautiful glistening place. That said, I like it best when I have the option of staying inside with a mug of hot cocoa and reading a good book. Instead, I will be focusing on thinking of spring in the snow... so here goes...
Outdoor Solar Lanterns


Outdoor Garden Party with Wipe Off Tablecloths!

Fresh chives.... for a spring salad.... although, at the moment I confess I'm feeling the hot baked potato more, but I'm still working on this thinking spring idea!

Baron checking out the snow

So while my four pawed friend and I brave the very chilly great out of doors, I ask, what do you want to see this spring? I know I've touched on the "Emerald" color of the year already, but what colors inspire you to think Spring? 

Cheers for now and remember to stay warm out there, I'll send more news from our adventures in NYC!

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